Class Based Assignment


From the following topics you will each be assigned a project title and be required to prepare a six minute presentation.    You will have 25 minutes development time and your presentation should incude photographs/pictures or diagrams to illustrate your points.   

  1. Intensive Green Roof
  2. Extensive Green Roof
  3. Brown Roof/ biodiverse
  4. Photovoltaics
  5. Solar Thermal
  6. Transpired Solar Collectors
  7. Embodied Energy
  8. Life Cycle Assessment
  9. Carbon Footprint
  10. Rooflights & sun tunnels 
  11. Roof Design for Sustainability
  12. Saving energy at work
  13. Rainwater management
  14. Insulation
  15. Manufacturing processes
  16. BIrds, bats etc

Exercise 10.5  Presentation on Sustainability


You will be assessed on the Content, Deliver and Achievement of stated objectives.