Organisations supporting the Roofing Industry


Exercise 1.5  Organisations - Find and Feedback


In this exercise you will be given cards, each showing an acronym of an organisation that supports or advises the roofing industry.   


Federations                 Organisations Supporting          Oranisations Promoting

The information you gather should be entered into this FORM 


Organisations Find and Feedback 

You will feedback your seach results to the group in a 60-90 second presentation, so it needs to be focused and relevant.   Use the white board provided to prepare your answer, this can be used for text or illustrations.


 Exercise 1.6  Whole Group Discussion



Discuss how standards are used in the roofing industry to improve quality and workmanship


Download guide to ISO 9001




Exercise 1.7  Standards & Qualifications - Find and Feedback

Individual Exercise



You will be given cards with acronyms of standards or qualifiations that are frequently used in the roofing industry


Standards Find and Feedback FORM
Enter the research results on the the form and prepare to give brief feedback to the group.



Exercise 1.8  What would you recommend?


Group Exercise (2/3 per group)





In each of the following scenarios, consider what organisations the companies might consider joining, which standards or qualifications are essential to their operations, and which would benefit the business in the longer term


John Gelb Roofing is a newly formed small roof slating and tiling company.  It is a partnership of 2 friends, who employ 1 part time administrator/accounts person, 2 roofers and one apprentice.   What standards and qualifications might they seek to obtaining in the short term (6-12 months); medium term (12-24 months) and more long term (2-5 years)


Blueboy Roofing Ltd is company which has been established for 10 years and works on a range of flat and pitched roofs, but does not do sheeting or cladding works.    The business has 10 employees, has been growing steadily and now seeks to take on larger contracts.  The major contractor that has won the Local Authority Contract in their area asks them to provide proof that they have a competent workforce.  What sort of information could they provide to prove this.


Reddish Waterproofing Products are a brand new company formed by a researcher with a great product idea.   He knows his liquid waterproofing product works because he has carried testing and trials personally.  What tests or standards should he consider putting his project forward for before bringing it to market?


David Green has been employed by a roofing company (cladding services) for 20 years, from apprentice and progressing to site manager.   Over the years he has had responsibility for up to 30 people and for health and safety on sites.   He has the qualifications he obtained during his formal training many years ago, but as done little training since.    David has become aware that the company is likely to go out of business due to a major contractor failing to make payments.    What actions would you suggest David take to improve his job prospects if the company closes?  


Brown Distribution has recently expanded from operations in the South of England to a UK Wide operation, which included take-over of several smaller companies.  What methods might they choose to ensure conformity across the whole of the business operations.  


Exercise 1.9  What would you recommend for your business?


Your assignment is to consider the memberships, accreditations and standards in your business at the present time, and discuss whether these are appropriate, need reviewing or additional ones achieving. (max 250 words)   Upload your assignment through this LINK