The Importance of Roof Safety 

Safety Culture   


The poem above covers some of the human and emotional consequences of an accident.  In your groups discuss


Exercise 2.5  Group Exercise - Groups of 2/3 people) 


a) What consequences there might be to a business following an accident?

b) What steps can a business take to develop a safer culture and promote accident prevention?

c) What methods could be used to effectively roll-out safety culture across a business?

d) In your group prepare a tool box talk, or safety poster to promote safety - this will be assessed as part of your qualification.



Exercise 2.6  Individual Exercise     Consider if there are any steps that could be adopted in your business that might impove the safety culture?   Prepare a short report (max 250 word) on what these steps might be.   If you think the business is currently doing everything possible, please describe elements of good practice in the business.  UPLOAD HERE


Roof Access


Exercise 2.7  Group Discussions regarding relative advantages of different methods of roof access


In your group prepare a tool box talk, or safety poster about an aspect of roof access - this will be assessed as part of your qualification.



Risk Assessment & Method Statements


Learner's will have completed self study e-learning on support this module


Exercise 2.8 -  Small group activity preparing Risk Assessments and Method Statements from scenarios given with illustrative models.    Risk Assessments should be discussed as a group, but prepared individually


Download Risk Assessment Form 



Construction Phase Plan


Exercise 2.9 -  Individual preparation of a Construction Phase Plan using CITB application software  Download Here  using the same scenario from exercise 2.3



Comparison of Phase Plans


Exercise 2.10  - Comparision of individual Plans.