Exercise 5.6 Roof Shapes

In groups of 2, search for the roof shape(s)  provided by your tutor.   Provide a description of this roof type, and upload photographs through this Link   


Exercise 5.7  Roof Detail

Again in groups of 2, but with a different person, search for the roof detail(s) allocated by your tutor and search for a full explanation and good photo examples, upload through this Link    

The object of this exercise is to add explanations to a prepared graphic


Roof Design Criteria


Exercise 5.8  Design Criteria

A large group exercise looking a key criteria for design of roofs, to consider whether the list provided in self study is complete, and what other criteria might be appropriate depending on type of building and geography


Prepare an assigment (max 250 words) on the most important deesign criteria for the type (0r one type) of work your business carries out  Upload HERE  



Building Information Modeling


Exercise 5.9   Group Exercise discussing current level of BIM actvity in group / sector  


Exercise 5.10    Assess what steps you business might take to increase knowledge or raise level of awareness of BIM    Prepare a  3-5 point action plan and upload HERE



Roof Specification


Exercise 5.11    Comparison of Roof Specifications    In groups according to preferred category Pitched/Flat/Cladding/Lead & Hard Metals


You have brought a  specificaton from your company, in your group discuss differences and similarities and prepre for a discussion with other groups.