Exercise 8.2 - Saving time when Tendering?


Refer back to module 1 on Support and Standards and consider the accreditation schemes discussed.   You will be given an organisation to research specifically and feed back to the group


1 Background

2 How much does it cost to be a member of this organisation?

3 How long will it take to complete the relevant doumenation?

4 Does the process guarantee work in the future?

5 Can you locate statistics on how many members hold this standard


Record  your answers here


Exercise 8.3 - Tendering/Procurement Terms


Split into small groups - Each group will be given a type of document to research and present the information back to the larger group


1 Define the Document

2 Why do we use this type of Document?

3 Who would normally complete this document?

4 What information is required within this document?

5 What sort of information might accompany this document?


 Record  your answers here


Exercise 8.4   Group Discussion


Discussion on the documents from your business referring to Tendering and Procurement eg Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.   What does good practice look like?