Exercise 10.1

Complete the Supply Chain School e learning module on Sustainability Matters through this LINK and upload your certificate HERE



Exercise 10.2

Prepare a brief Action plan for saving energy in your business and raising awareness of sustainability issues with site staff



Exercise 10.3

This exercise is to research design and deliver a presentation on an issue or product relevant to sustainability in the Roofing Industry.     



If you have a particular subject you would like to present to the group please discuss this with your tutor, or you tutor can suggest a number of topics.   It will not be possible for two people to present the same subject.



The presentation can use any appropriate media: Video, Powerpoint, Flipchart, Whiteboard etc.



The content should be clear, concise and contain 3-5 key points you want to get across to the audience. 



Knowledge and understanding of the same 3-5 points should be checked with learners at the end of your session to demonstrate learning.





Exercise 10.4








Historic England  Conservation Principles, Policies and Guidance

This document is for guidance and interest only, you will not be tested on the contents,