Roofing Terminology


Link to list of roofing terms



Exercise  5.1    Consider the list of terms included in the Roofing Dictionary and see if you can add at least 2 terms through this LINK



Roofing Structures




Roof Design



Exercise 5.2   When you have watched the video below, please record your answer on this FORM to show your knowledge and understanding.   



Planning Portal



Click in LINK or graphic to go to the Government Portal which gives details of which types of roofwork needs Planning Permission



Building Information Modeling


This video from Wienerberger giver a good background to the introduction of BIM

Building Information Modeling



Exercise 5.3 View the video below and make notes on BIM through this LINK.  





Specifications describe the materials and workmanship required for a development.


Scheduling and workmanship are detailed through method statements


Why do we need specifications?


A specification allows correct detailing the component parts of the structure


It promotes accurate ordering and scheduling of materials and facilitates a professional quality installation.


It is necessary to ensure that the project is properly costed at the earliest opportunity


Download notes on Specifications



Exercise 5.4 Bring a sample copy specification to the next group sesion.  This need not be from your business but should be roofing specific.

Please upload copy HERE