Module 6a - Systems - Pitched


Parts of a Ridged Gable End Roof 





Tiling a Roof 


This is an excellent Video by Redland's Matthew Woodatt, its quite lengthy at 26 minutes, but give yourself time, its well worth the watch, and remember the notes


Exercise 6.1

This Exercise should be used to record your learning through the video. 

Alternative Rig Batten Fixing

Hip Tile Fixing

Handmaking Clay Tiles 

A video by Marley Eternit


Exercise 6.2 - This Exercise will assist your to record information on the process of making tiles


Roof Slating Quality and Standards


CEMBRIT have prepared a very useful summary of quality and standards for Natural Slate HERE.


Exercise 6.3 - Use this Exercise  to record information on Standards for Natural Slate


Roof Slating 


A brief but useful video on fixing slates

Advantages of using Natural Slates from CUPA PIZZARAS


Exercise 6.4 - Use this Exercise  to consider the advantages of Natural Slate as listed by CUPA PIZZARAS


Cambrian Slates from Redland