Contract Case Study


Fay wanted to buy some reclaimed stone slates. He sent a text message to Gareth and to Harry saying, “How much for 200 Slates?” Gareth replied “£400”, and Harry replied, “I can offer you 200 slates for £700, delivered.” Fay immediately sent a text message to Gareth which said, “Excellent - please deliver next week”. Gareth replied by text, “Delivery is £50 - OK?” Fay replied, “OK”. Gareth delivered the tiles, but there were only 100 of them. Two months later, Fay sent a text to Harry saying, “Please deliver 200 slates for £700 next week”. Harry immediately replied, “There are no slates left.”


Exercise 3.5  Use this form to record your considered answers to the questions raised, you may discuss this as a group, but record answers individually


Terms and Conditions


Exercise 3.6   Contract Terms 

Comparison of advice and templates with company terms and conditions, any room for improvement?   

Do our documents include T&C?   

Do the T&Cs we are using cover the basics?



Legislation affecting Roofing


Exercise 3.7  Roofing Legislation

Small group exercise, learners research case studies for breach of legislation, and feed back for group discussion.


The objective of the exercise is to compile a range of case studies to demonstrate how these laws/regulations affect the roofing industry.






Company and Personal Liabilities/Responsibilities


Exercise 3.8  Considering Liabilities

In groups of 2/3 learners you will be assigned a piece of legislation and required to reseach whether liabilities under the legislation rest with the company, individuals within the company, or both. 



Case Studies


1 2 3 4 5 6


The objective of the exercise is to create a reference grid showing liabilities for each piece of legislation, with examples.  Assessed as group exercise.




Types of Construction Contracts 


Exercise 3.9   Selecting a suitable contract

Pages 6-19 of the Construction Excellence Standard Forms of Contract Document show comparisons between the major construction forms of contract